Who has not heard about the Rolling Stones? For years, the band has played in sold-out venues, created best-selling albums, and graced the pages of gossip magazines and entertainment news outlets. What better way to know more about this band than in comic format? Better yet, a combination of a written biography and comics to visually support each important moment in the band’s history.

The Rolling Stones in Comics, written by Ceka, is a collection of short comics that chronicles the careers of each band member and the band’s impact on music history then and now. It is also a biography of the band, with photos, quotes from the Stones and their friends, and descriptions about their lives. The book begins with a brief introduction of each band member, starting with Mick Jagger meeting Keith Richards, and continuing to their most recent exploits. Each chapter begins with a written page or two centered on a significant time in their lives, and ends with a small comic based on the previous story. Topics include the band’s early years, their inspiration from blues musicians, excessive drug use, concerts and tours, solo careers, the disastrous Altamont concert, Brian Jones’s untimely death, and love affairs.

You do not need to be a fan of the Rolling Stones to enjoy this book. The comics work well together, even though they are drawn and written by different creators. Each chapter’s backstory provides enough information about the band, but when read with the comic, the reader gains a better understanding of the event. One explains how Keith Richards used open tuning for a number of songs, then guides readers to a comic that provides visuals on how the method is used and the sound it creates. Another story centers on the failure of the Altamont concert, shown in a multicolored comic that blends images of peace and chaos. The creators of each comic (which include artists such as Pates, Filippo Neri, Bast, and Marin Trystam, just to name a few) use their own style of artwork and storytelling, creating a collection of diverse visuals and stories. The book also includes bits of trivia and a resource page citing books, films, articles, and websites with more information about the band.

The Rolling Stones in Comics is a must-have for any public library graphic novel collection. Some references to drugs and sex make this best suited for adult collections. Music lovers and Rolling Stones fans will appreciate this compilation of stories and comics. Not only do they get a chance to learn more about the band, they are treated to a variety of comics, all centered on one of the most influential bands in rock and roll.

The Rolling Stones in Comics
Written by Ceka
Art by Various
ISBN: 9781681121987
NBM Graphic Novels, 2019

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NFNT Age Recommendation: Adult (18+)

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