The third volume of Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps set in the reality of DC Comics’ Rebirth, Quest For Hope collects two different stories.

The first tale, “The Quest For Hope”, sees The Green Lantern Corps partnering with their former enemies in The Sinestro Corps to build a unified police force capable of protecting the universe. As team leaders John Stewart and Soranik Natu try to whip their new team into shape and track down the rogue Sinestro Corps members who are still terrorizing the universe, rebellious Green Lantern Guy Gardner goes off on a solo mission to track down a particular rogue agent himself. At the same time, Hal Jordan, remembering the prophetic warning that he must restore Hope to the universe, goes off in search of Saint Walker—last of the Blue Lanterns, who draw power from Hope as Green Lanterns draw their power from Will. Accompanying Hal is Kyle Rayner—a former Green Lantern who now wields the White Lantern battery and can wield the power of any of the various Lantern colors.

The second story, “The Prism of Time”, sees the new team of Green and Yellow peacekeepers teaming with the Time Master Rip Hunter, who arrives from the future with a dire warning. Sarko, the last wielder of the Yellow Ring of Fear in the future, has traveled back in time to destroy the alliance between The Sinestro Corps and The Green Lanterns. This might be a minor problem except for one issue—somehow, whatever Sarko did in the past has erased the presence of The Green Lantern Corps in the future!

Once again, Robert Venditti does a masterful job of explaining the rich history of The Green Lantern Corps and making it accessible to new readers, even as he restores certain classical elements of the mythology that had been neglected or destroyed in the wake of DC Comics’ 2011 New 52 Initiative. This particular volume does a fair bit to restore Kyle Rayner, who had been created in the 1990s to be a new Green Lantern for a new generation of comic readers. Part of this restoration involves a renewal of the romance between Kyle and Sinestro Corps leader Soranik Natu, as the two dated for a time in the late 2000s before The New 52 started.

The artwork, once again overseen by Ethan Van Sciver, Rafa Sandoval, and V. Ken Marion, is fantastic. Each of the three artists have vastly different styles, despite all sharing a certain detail-driven aesthetic. Thankfully, each artist handles individual chapters of the story rather than individual pages, so there is not so vast a gap in the visual continuity as there might have been otherwise.

As with the other volumes in this series, this volume is rated 12+ for teen audiences. I believe that rating to be a fair one, with this particular volume of Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps containing no objectionable content for a teen audience. There is some unsettling imagery, particularly in the nightmare scenarios created by a telepathic villain called The Misery Mound who feeds on despair, but there’s nothing the average teenager cannot cope with.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, vol. 3: Quest For Hope
by Robert Venditti
Art by Ethan Van Sciver, Rafa Sandoval, and V. Ken Marion
ISBN: 9781401271640
DC Comics, 2017
Publisher Age Rating: 12+

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