This third volume of The Flash is set in the reality of DC Rebirth and gives Flash fans three stories to enjoy.

In “Rogues Reloaded,” The Flash goes off in search of his greatest enemies, the blue-collar gang of super-science wielding robbers known as The Rogues. They’ve been in hiding for months but The Flash has no hope that they’ve split town or gone straight despite their helping him fight other, more psychotic villains in the past. When evidence points to them planning the mother of all heists on the other side of the globe, The Flash embarks on a world-spanning mission that will see him run ragged trying to keep up with his most dangerous foes.

“Sins Of The Father” is a more personal tale that has Wally Westthe new Kid Flashfeeling tormented in the wake of the revelation that his beloved “Uncle Daniel” is truly his biological father. This would be shocking enough if Daniel West weren’t also the second villainous speedster to take the name of The Reverse Flash. Seeking closure, Wally turns to his mentor for help in locating Daniel West, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances while in prison. The search for answers leads them to the Suicide Squad and Captain Boomerang, who may be the only person who knows what truly happened to Daniel West!

“Agent of Black Hole” places us in the middle of a not-so-typical day in the life of reporter Iris West. Following the trail of The Black Holea villainous syndicate of scientists who seek to tap into The Speed Force for their own evil endsIris suddenly finds herself posing as a Black Hole agent in the middle of a mission to destroy The Flash!

Joshua Williamson continues to impress on this series, delivering picture-perfect portrayals of all the characters involved. Long-time Flash fans will love Williamson’s take on The Rogues, particularly Captain Cold. The Iris West story is noteworthy as the first time Iris West has been given any development as a character since DC Rebirth began. Until now she’s either been the subject of Barry Allen’s crush or Wally West’s auntnothing more.

A variety of artists worked on this volume, which results in some odd shifts in quality throughout. The worst offender is the final chapter of “Rogues Reloaded”, which was illustrated by three separate artists with totally uncomplimentary styles. “Sins Of The Father” and “Agent of Black Hole” seem stronger by comparison, the later only featuring the artwork of Neil Googe and the former being illustrated by Carmine Di Giandmenico and Jesus Merino. None of the artwork is bad (though Di Giandmenico’s rough style is an acquired taste) but the constant shifts in appearance are distracting.

This volume is rated 12+ and that rating is a fair one. There’s no adult content or nudity in the artwork. There are no curse words or violence that would be inappropriate for the target audience of teenagers older than 12. Older teens and adults will enjoy this volume just as much as younger teens, as will fans of The Flash TV series.

The Flash, vol. 3: Rogues Reloaded
by Joshua Williamson
Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Jesus Merino, and Neil Googe
ISBN: 9781401271572
DC Comics, 2017
Publisher Age Rating: 12+

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