From the artistic minds of writer Ben Haggarty and illustrator Adam Brockbank comes the first volume of a new graphic novel series that takes readers into the untamed world of Stone Age Britain, where traditions last a lifetime and mythology has an intense power on the believer. Mezolith: Stone Age Dreams and Nightmares, Book 1 will have readers captivated with its creative storytelling, detailed artwork, and realistic characters. Not only is it a story centered on traditions and legends, but it is a tale of growing up and finding your place among family and friends.

The story begins with Poika, a Kansas tribe member who is devoted to his family and traditions. In each story, he learns about the tribe’s rules, customs, legends, and the strange past of his fellow tribesmen. He becomes the protagonist as he listens to the legend of Urga, witnesses the consequences of entering a neighboring tribe’s land, learns how far a man may go for love, and takes part in the traditional entrance into manhood. With each lesson, he learns more and more about his tribe and the wisdom each member passes from personal experiences and the consequences one’s actions may have.

Writer Ben Haggarty is credited as a storyteller with years of experience. This is shown many times over in Mezolith, from the tribal narratives to the dialogue exchanges between characters. Each character has their own distinct voice, whether it be the young Poika, the mysterious healer Korppi Velho, or the cruel Owl People leader, allowing the reader to see each difference between them. The storylines connect with one another, as seasons change and lives move on, never losing the reader. The elements of mythology are integrated very well, adding history and tradition to the stories. Illustrator Adam Brockbank, a storyboard and concept artist, has created vast realistic landscapes of various colors and shadows, transporting the reader into the tribe’s mysterious wilderness. He uses the same techniques with his characters, giving each one their own personality and style. The reader can see his amazing detailed work in the characters’ faces, stances, actions, and emotions.

Mezolith makes a great addition to any library’s young adult and adult graphic novel collection. Readers who are very interested in mythology and ancient cultures will greatly enjoy the novel’s traditional folklore influences and storylines. It is also a great choice for those who enjoy detailed and realistic artwork in comics and a well written narrative that goes along with it.

Mezolith: Stone Age Dreams and Nightmares, Book 1
by Ben Haggarty
Art by Adam Brockbank
ISBN: 9781608866991
Archaia, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: Teen+

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