Every child knows who Thor and Loki are (thanks to Marvel’s The Avengers), but how many of them know the real Norse gods? And when you have patrons who are not familiar with the original tales, how do you introduce them to Norse mythology? With comics, of course! From Capstone Publishing comes Norse Myths, a graphic novel series based on the original tales and mythology of the gods and goddesses of Valhalla.

In Thor vs. the Giants, writer Carl Bowen and illustrator Eduardo Garcia showcase three Norse myths where Thor is up against the gods’ notorious enemies, the giants of Jotunheim. With help from his allies, including his brother Loki, his father Odin, and a friendly giant, Thor is able to trick the giants and defeat them using wits and strength. Twilight of the Gods (written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Eduardo Garcia) features Ragnarok. The gods engage in an endless fight with fierce monsters, demons, and the dead; a battle that will eventually lead to the destruction of the world and the gods themselves. Both graphic novels include short character biographies (with a punctuation guide for the difficult names and words), along with discussion questions, writing prompts, a glossary, and a short synopsis of the tales.

With bright color schemes and detailed expressions, Eduardo Garcia brings the characters and tales of Norse Myths to life. Each god has their own appearance and color scheme, making one different than the other. The enemies and monsters are gruesome and frightening, especially the demon army and the giants. Each myth is written in simple language, and provides explanations of characters or scenes when needed. The stories themselves show the characters’ personalities that readers may be familiar with, which include Loki’s trickery and Thor’s pride. Children will be able to understand each tale and the daily lives of the Norse gods and goddesses, while learning a thing or two about this ancient mythology.

Thor vs. the Giants and Twilight of the Gods are a must have for any library collection, whether it be public or school. Patrons who enjoy mythological tales, George O’Connor’s Olympians series and Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series, will be intrigued by these books. These are a great choice if you are looking for more mythology comics or to expand your collection of ancient tales.

Norse Myths: A Viking Graphic Novel: Thor vs. the Giants
by Carl Bowen
Art by Eduardo Garcia
ISBN: 9781496534873
Capstone Publishing, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: 9-13

Norse Myths: A Viking Graphic Novel: Twilight of the Gods
by Michael Dahl
Art by Eduardo Garcia
ISBN: 9781496534897
Capstone Publishing, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: 9-13

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