youngavengers_1_coverThe first one is that Young Avengers #1 was everything I hoped it would be. Gillen clearly has a good handle on the characters and the McKelvie’s art is fantastic. It’s a strong start to what I hope will continue to be an awesome book.

The other is that Alex Kingston (my absolute favorite actress), well known as River Song from Doctor Who, will have a recurring guest role on the CW’s “Arrow”. Between her and John Barrowman that’s enough enticement to get me watching the show again.

I’m really enjoying All New X-Men and New Avengers. New Avengers especially this week, because you can tell the characters are making all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons and I can’t wait to see that come back and bite them. I’d be more specific, but it’s pretty spoiler-y.


I’m happy to have discovered the hilarious webcomic Bear Nuts, which I’d never read before.



I am happy to announce that my co-editor and I have accepted the proposals for our upcoming project on Canadian Identity/ies in Canadian Comics. The essays are not due until July but it feels as if it is real now! We got a lot of interest from people outside of our borders as well including Europe and Australia.

Jennifer H.

My happy is seeing that Tamora Pierce won the 2013 Edwards Award for her Song of the Lioness quartet and The Protector of the Small quartet. She is one of my favorite writers and the most influential towards my fiction writing style. Coincidentally enough my son was just watching a commercial for the currently running Ulitmate Spider-Man and it featured the guest character White Tiger, a character that Pierce and her husband had a hand in reintroducing to the Marvel Universe in her limited series back in 2006.


I got my copy of Person 4: The Animation Collection 2 and have been really enjoying that. I’m constantly amazed with how well its been able to weave all of the elements from the video games into a coherent narrative.

On top of that, my brother did a Doctor Who themed rendering of his two steampunk characters, Otto and Victioria. This made me wonderfully happy.


I was happy to hear Neil Gaiman give media recommendations on NPR (though a bit sad to hear him identified only as a children’s author).  See his recommendations here.


I’m happy that the new shelving for our teen room’s graphic novel collection arrived!  The old shelving unit we had wasn’t deep enough, so everything that wasn’t manga kept falling off, and there was no room to grow.  Now we’ve got two much bigger units with plenty of space, and so far, the teens love them!

Editor’s note: I do apologize for the lack of happys these last few weeks, but now we’re back with triple the amount!

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