Stone Rabbit 7It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, the power went out. How can Stone Rabbit, Andy and Henri play video games now? Andy finds an old copy of the board game “Dragons and Stuff”. Stone Rabbit and Henri aren’t excited to play but since the alternative is to go out into the ferocious storm, they reluctantly agree. But the game seems to be missing dice! Henri says, “We could always use these.” (holds up dice), “I got them from Larry, that loser who works at the creepy old antique shop. He said they’re objects of infinite power and unspeakable evil. But I like to think of them as my good-luck charms!” And he rolls the dice.

Our friends are off on another adventure. This episode sees Stone Rabbit, Andy and Henri sucked inside the game “Dragons and Stuff”. Finding themselves suddenly attired as a dwarf, a knight, and an archer, they immediately fall in with the magician Grandpa the Great (played by Henri’s grandpa) and set off to vanquish the Lord of Darkness. Lots of silliness prevails. The characters have that fun comic way of just accepting the ridiculous with calmness, like “of course that cute fuzzy bunny has turned into a 20 foot tall monster. Just kill it and move on, dude.”

The art is brightly colored with clean lines making it easy to read. The quick-paced plot and cartoonish foes combine to make this fun for the younger reader.

Good for age 8 and up (no sex or language, some comic violence)

Stone Rabbit #7: Dragon Boogie
by Erik Craddock
ISBN: 978-037586912
Random House, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: Age 7 and up

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