Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever CoverTwins Mona and Joey, otherwise known as Mo and Jo, argue about everything, especially about who is the biggest fan of their favorite superhero, Mighty Mojo. But one day, the Mighty Mojo decides to retire and pass on his super suit and special powers to the siblings. Will Mo and Jo learn to stop fighting in time to save their town from the evil Saw-Jaw?

In this easy reader graphic novel from writer Jay Lynch and artist Dean Haspiel, young readers get introduced to the world of superheroes through the antics of Mo and Jo. The three chapters flow together in an easy-to-follow story arc with a plot and character development that, while a little predictable, is fun to read, especially for the target age group. There is a bit of comic violence and a few perilous moments, but nothing that would frighten most young readers.

For the most part, the illustration really helps to elevate this classic superhero tale. With panels that vary in number and size between pages, a bright, primary color palette, lots of different perspectives, and a smart use of sound effects and motion lines, the book has a very cinematic feel. The one weak spot, however, is the depiction of Mo and Jo. In most panels, they look fine, but there are a few where their proportions and expressions are very awkward looking. Probably not a deterrent for most readers, but worth noting.

Part of the TOON Books series, the physical format of the book is of very high quality in a standard easy reader size with hardcover binding and matte pages that should stand up to regular library use. Lessons plans and an online cartoon maker from the publisher can extend the reading experience.

Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever
by Jay Lynch
Art by Dean Haspiel
ISBN: 9780979923852
TOON Books, 2008

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