moriarty_vol_1_cov_2x3It’s 1914. The world is on the brink of World War I and Sherlock Holmes has been dead for 20 years. Moriarty is still around, living under an assumed name, a mere shadow of the criminal mastermind he once was. Then Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, is kidnapped, along with a prominent physics professor, and Moriarty must find out why, before an even greater disaster than the upcoming war strikes England. To say more would spoil the mystery.

One could worry that Moriarty, a famous and perpetual villain, would fail as a hero. Yet he assumes this new role with aplomb. We see how far he has fallen since he killed his nemesis. We see how high he can rise when faced with a real challenge. And most importantly, we see clearly why he is considered one of the smartest, most infamous villains in fiction, a true match for Sherlock Holmes.

The art here is quite good, conveying the grittiness of early 20th century London with aplomb. However, Moriarty’s presentation was a problem for me, because now he is almost identical to what Wolverine would look like in a top hat. I spent every scene waiting for him to pop his claws. If you can get past that (and I couldn’t), this book is very easy on the eyes.

Between the bloody violence, the women who are far more scantily clad then one would expect for the time period, and the sheer complexity of the plot, this book is solidly teens and above.

Go pick this up if you have the chance.

Moriarty: The Dark Chamber, vol. 1
by Daniel Corey
Art by Anthony Diecidue
ISBN: 978-160706450
Image Comics, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: Teen

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