I am super happy this week that Crunchyroll has picked up the simulcast rights to the new Shinichiro Watanabe / Yoko Kanno collaboration Kids on the Slope–starting April 12, Thursdays are gonna be happy, 60s jazz-filled days for the next 13 weeks!  And on a related happy, Sentai Filmworks has obtained the North American DVD rights to the series, so if it’s as awesome as I’m hoping it will be I can add it to my tiny it’s-all-miiiine-mauhahahaha shelf.  *squee*  😀



I have an ALL CAPS LIFE IS FANTASTIC happy! Yen Press announced that they are releasing an omnibus containing the last three volumes of Chocolat!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting not so patiently for the finale of one of my favorite manhwa series and now I’ll have it!! Not until the end of the year, but at least it’s coming and I’ll be able to finally review the entire series. (My review of volume one is here) YAY!

Happy dance around the library! (Probably fueled by the cookies we have out for Library Patron Appreciation Day)

Matt Morrison

What could be better news to a man-child of the 80s like me than DC Comics is publishing a new Masters of The Universe mini-series?  How about the news that Starman author James Robinson is writing it and that the story will center upon an Eternia where Skeletor has overcome the incompetence of his minions, seized ultimate power and enslaved his enemies while making them forget they were ever the heroes they are in the first place.


This is threatening to take me a little bit beyond happy into hitherto unexplored worlds of ecstasy: I am working with my colleague Amanda Jacobs Foust to puttogether a workshop for librarians called “Who’s Afraid of Comic Books?!  Building and Maintaining Graphic Novel Collections at Your Library,” which will take place in Burbank, CA on May 17th as part of CLA’s Spring Fling.  I just firmed up my lineup of professional guests.  You ready?  Hope Larson, Stan Sakai, Steven Seagle, and Ed Brubaker!  I am beside myself!  This should be an awesome event, and anyone in the LA area should come and check it out!


I’d been going back and forth on whether to watch The Legend of Korra premiere early or wait for Saturday, as I liked the idea of making a bit of an event of it, but when I went to program the series into the DVR I accidentally told it to download the episode, which was available on demand. So that broke down the last of my willpower and I watched it and am happy I did so. As expected, the animation, acting, and writing are all quite good. Pleasant surprise: J.K. Simmons does some voices! He makes everything better, from Law & Order to Spider-Man.


I haven’t yet had the chance to actually watch The Legend of Korra, but this gif of the show’s video reference, paired with the finished scene, posted by one of the series creators Bryan Konietzko for animating the expressions and gestures made my day. It is a hilarious and intriguing set which also gives insight on why these creators are so deft at expressions.  It also makes me think its now a tiny bit confirmed that what animators do all day is makes faces at themselves (via mirrors) and each other.




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