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In comic news…this was just too cute not to share: I Know that Feel, Bro
(Love pairing Wolvie with Stitch…even if it is a technicality)


I did some guerrilla library outreach to the 500 or so kids waiting in line to see the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games!  The theater is right around my library so they were actually lined up all the way across the front of our building.  I made hundreds of Mockingjay pins and put together a quiz that kids could fill out to be entered into a raffle.  And they cheered for me!  That’s going to keep me happy for awhile.


I’m excited to read Brian K. Vaughan’s new series, Saga.  I’ve been pretty attached to my physical comics, but I decided to buy a digital copy of this for my iPad.  I’m liking it so far…the comic and the format.


This summer I’ll be headed to the Clarion Writers Workshop. Marjorie Liu and Holly Black are two of the instructors! So I’m hoping I can score some interviews with them. And, since Comic Con is sold out maybe I can still get in by carrying Marjorie Liu’s handbag or something 😉


I saw this post on YALSA’s The Hub:  butt-kicking females on one of YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels Lists.  There’s just five, though, so I imagine there have to be more that made it on one list or another.  Still, I got another cool looking book to check out at the library!

Matt Morrison

I’m happy that there’s a plethora of new teens coming into my library looking for The Hunger Games.  At present, I have a 100+ waiting list on the first book, 50-80+ on Catching Fire and Mockingjay and I’m fasting running out of Tamora Pierce books to suggest as a follow-up to everyone who wants something like it for after.

As far as happy things that might entertain the rest of you, I’d like to offer up two videos in keeping with my Hunger Games theme.  The first is a parody by Second City in which Gale, being such a nice guy, offers to help Katniss train for some potentially dangerous situations – all of which involve her being naked.

I’m also deeply amused by this… well, it’s not really a parody, but someone acted out the whole of the first book with Beanie Babies. Enjoy!


First thing: I’m this close to Spring Break which means seeing friends and family and going to Anime Boston all of which are wonderful things. Second is that Game of Thrones Season 2 premieres on Sunday, which means more Tyrion Lannister and more Dynyrys Targrarian.


I finally got my federal tax return, so I’m looking forward to a little graphic novel shopping spree.


This is making me happy!


Somewhat related to Allen’s happy, I started a new job this week. I’m now a part time circulation assistant at the North Carolina Research Campus location of the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. It’s a great job that will allow me to do the customer service and library work that I love, while also leaving me time to continue writing and teaching me new skills (I’ve never worked in a community college before). Today, while I was training at one of the other branches, the director of the library stopped by to welcome me and said that they are planning on picking my brain for good graphic novels and young adult fiction to order! So I’m happy to be working with such nice folks who are eager to offer the best to their patrons.


My Batman knowledge springs mostly from a few movies and TV episodes (must read more DC comics!), but I still got a little mushy reading about this Baltimore, MD, self-made Batman who cheers up sick children out of the goodness of his caped-crusading heart.


I can’t remember if someone already mentioned this, but I am really excited about the new Amazing Spiderman preview that came out.  I think Andrew Garfield is going to make an awesome Peter Parker.  My teens are already mad at me for not being a big Tobey Maguire fan, but I’m really excited for the reboot.



I’m happy Raina Telgemeier commented on my latest review, prompting me to move Smile to the top of my to-read list. It was so good! I always appreciate a story that trusts in the inherent of life (particularly adolescence)  and doesn’t feel the need to raise the stakes of conflicts or manufacture a falsely conclusive ending. Spoiler alert: at the end of the book some things had gotten better and some had not and nobody was totally happy but everyone seemed happy enough, as things should be. It all felt very honest and satisfying. Reading time well spent!

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