Apologies to all our readers for missing last week’s update, but now we have double the joy, right?


This has been an extraordinarily happy week for me. After 18 months Avengers: Children’s Crusade finished up in a magnificent conclusion. And after 7 years, Billy and Teddy (two of my favorite comics characters ever) of the Young Avengers finally get an on-panel kiss. It was a great issue and it reminded me why I loved all the characters in the first place. Can I call dibs on reviewing the trade when it comes out? [Ed. note: Yes, you can!]

Also the Negima manga volume I imported from Japan finally came this week. Usually I’m fine to wait for the translations, but the Japanese version was bundled with all kinds of amazing extras that the US version won’t have so I imported. And after weeks of waiting it’s finally here. And it is glorious.

Matt Morrison

I’m happy because I finally managed to get my five-hour long series of History of Comics lectures condensed down into one VERY heavily abridged presentation that is roughly 30-35 minutes long.  Just in time for the All-Con convention this weekend, where I’ll be given 45 minutes + set up and tear down time to speak.  With any luck I’ll have a big enough crowd and a positive enough response that next year they’ll give me the opportunity to do classes on each Age.  But given that my classes are first thing in the morning Friday or opposite the costume contest, I’m not holding out much hope.  Still, glad that I finally managed to get it done and make something that the comic geeks among my teens assure me is interesting and funny, even though I had to cut out most of my best material about the insanity of the Comics Code Authority.


I just celebrated my raise by buying a signed copy of the trade for Neil Gaiman’s run on Miracleman.  This means that, between the copy of the first trade I was able to snag on sale at Half Price Books and the copies of the second and third trades that ended up in a donation pile at my library (which I promptly put dibs on), I now finally have the entire ’80s run of Miracleman!  Time to start a reread…


I’m going to have to go with a Bizarro-Happy. Apparently Amy Reeder has left Batwoman. I certainly don’t know any details about what those “creative differences” entail, but I’ll go ahead and blame shadowy administrative forces at DC.

And now I’ll immediately contradict myself: I’m happy that Lucid by Michael McMillan (AKA Reverend Steve Newlin) has been picked up by Warner Brothers for development into a film. Michael and I were roommates for a semester many years ago and while that certainly doesn’t make us bosom pals he was such a fun, sweet guy that I’m really happy to see things going his way. He introduced me to Neil Gaiman’s prose work, so I owe him one!


This new trailer for the upcoming live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie is making me happy this week.  Bad hair aside, it looks kinda cool.  They may try to squeeze too much into one film (though someone in the comments said it was 4 1/2 hours?? imdb doesn’t list a runtime yet), but I still grinned when I heard an “Oro?!” in there.  🙂

Jennifer W.

I’m happy that I’ve discovered Superman the Animated Series. I’ve never been interested in Superman as a superhero and, other than some of the Fleischer cartoons, never watched any of the films. But some little boys asked me for Superman movies, so I bought some of the animated series, took it home to preview it…and I’m totally hooked. I’ve been staying up late working my way through the complete collection.


I just saw this X-Men Family Tree on Pinterest and got a kick out of it.  As someone who struggles with X-Men history and relationships, it’s actually kind of helpful, while also extremely amusing!








Jennifer H.

This made our day…

Harry Potter…genderswapped.

(via the Mary Sue, image links to artist maaria’s deviantart page)






My biggest happy is probably the news that the Avatar the Last Airbender sequel show, The Legend of Korra, now has a release date, and it’s SOON!  April 14th!

Also, this outstandingly beautiful animated film Tout en Haut de Monde (Longway North) coming from Sacrebleu Productions. Add it to the featuring great female characters animated pile, a la Brave and Princess Mononoke.

Pilote Tout en Haut du Monde / Longway North from Sacrebleu Productions on Vimeo.

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