There’s nothing like a good romance to get the heart rate up. These titles pack in drama, love, and plenty of steamy kisses!

Teen Titles

Boys over Flowers
by Yoko Kamio
Viz Media, 2003
37 vol.
This long running romance centers around a poor girl and the rich boy who falls in love with her.



by Hisaya Nakajo
Viz Media, 2004
23 vol.
A girl disguises herself as a boy to attend the school where her idol-crush is a top athlete. Her secret and devotion are put to the test when she ends up as his roommate!


Itazura Na Kiss
by Kaoru Tada
Digital Manga, 2009
6 vol.
Everyone’s been rejected but not everyone has to live with the heartbreaker! This ongoing series gets steamier as the characters age but the released volumes are appropriate for teens.



Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits
by Jen Van Meter and various artists
Oni Press, 2010
Who says the romance has to stop once you move to the ‘burbs or have kids? These married rockers keep their love fresh and funny, but their their kids  are the ones discovering all the drama of love while they find their own way in the world.




Love and Capes
by Tom Zahler
IDW Publishing, 2008
3 vol.
Once Abby discovers her boyfriend is a superhero, their romance takes on a whole new dimension.


Love Roma
by Minoru Toyoda
Del Rey, 2005
5 vol.
Embarrassing, exhilarating, irritating, crushing, thrilling and unforgettable – this charming manga takes the reader through the roller coaster of first love.


Rurouni Kenshin
by Nobuhiro Watsuki
Viz Media, 2003
28 vol.
Though this title is labeled shonen, at the center of the story is a solid and touching romance.



Adult Titles

Future Lovers
by Saika Kunieda
Aurora, 2008
2 vol.
This very steamy yaoi story beautifully illustrates that you may not get what you want but you get what you need!



The Moon and the Sandals

by Fumi Yoshinaga
Digital Manga Publishing, 2007
2 vol.
Another steamy yaoi title that focuses not only on the excitement of love but the pain of losing it.



What are some of your favorite romances?

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