dirtypairAdapted from a series of young adult novels, Dirty Pair features the misadventures of Kei and Yuri, two agents of the World Welfare Works Association. 3WA is a mercenary police force working for the United Galactica Federation to solve crimes and other cases of interest (especially if they pay well). Although known for getting the job done, Kei and Yuri show a considerable amount of disregard for other people’s property. Officially known as the Lovely Angels, the duo have gained quite a following throughout the galaxy and, much to their annoyance, are commonly referred to as the Dirty Pair.

Each episode in the show follows Kei and Yuri on a case and while they always get their man, they almost always leave behind a path of destruction. Although cases seem relatively cut and dry affairs, the mere presence of the Dirty Pair is enough to allow the situation to get quickly out of hand. In one episode, the task of capturing a cat escalates to the point where Kei and Yuri end up battling two female wrestlers on a piece of highway carried by a helicopter, whose pilot directs them in order to shift weight across the structure to prevent it from tipping over.

Despite Kei and Yuri’s choice of wearing skimpy outfits and the double entendre of their name, Dirty Pair is a teen friendly series. There is very little content designed to offend as Kei and Yuri are never shown without any clothes and there is no sex. With the exception of a few questionable phrases here and there, Dirty Pair is good, clean fun.

The show’s animation is pretty consistent with others that were developed in the 1980s. While the quality of the artwork is a pale, pale shadow of what Japanese animation has become today, it certainly still has charm. I imagine my Japanese counterpart would feel the same way about watching Dirty Pair now like I do with The Jetsons or The Transformers: seeing a cartoon today that was made thirty years ago fills me with a sense of warm, gooey nostalgia. Dirty Pair is one of those old school animes I’ve always wanted to see ever since I got into Japanese animation and I’m glad I finally did. Funny, action packed and entertaining, Dirty Pair has something for everybody.

Dirty Pair: Part 1 and 2
Right Stuf, 2010
directed by Norio Kashima, Toshifumi Takizawa
650 minutes, Number of Discs: 6, Box Sets
Company Age Rating: 13
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