Siblings are great, aren’t they? Brothers and sisters are the ones who punch you in the face while defending you to their friends.  The siblings on this list share a special bond that, in some cases, borders on obsession.

5. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch 

(X-men by various writers and artists)

The somewhat icky Ultimates universe aside, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch manage to treat each other tenderly, despite their rough family situation. They watch out for each other and together make the decision to switch sides.




4. Johnny and Sue Storm

(Fantastic Four by various writers and artists)

Though these two began as gender stereotypes: Johnny is quick tempered and brash, Sue is kind and quiet – they’ve evolved to become two of Marvel’s top superheroes. Their relationship has grown into a very touching and realistic portrayal of adult siblings trying to negotiate a shared history, saving the world, and dealing with each others quirks.




3. Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power

(Power Pack by various writers and artists)

These four siblings fight villains, stay close, and develop neat powers – all before they are teenagers! The Power Pack features a fun group of kids who understand what family is all about.




2. Dream and Delirium

(Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson)

The Endless siblings are all fascinating but, in Brief Lives, the relationship between Delirium and Dream takes center stage. Together they go on a quest to find Destruction and discover things about each other and make choices that impacts the rest of the Sandman series.




1. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

(Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori)

The twins practically define ‘sibling bond’. Where one goes, the other can be found there too. They are so close only a few people can tell them apart and they want to keep it that way.



What other sibling bonds are you fond of? What sibling bonds do you find disturbing? All of these siblings can be classified as ‘heroes’, are there any good villains out there?


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