Doggie Dreams coverJake the Dog sleeps all the time — in the park, in the car, and even on walks! When his young owner wonders what he dreams about during these extended naps, the reader gets a peek into Jake’s psyche. Through a series of three dream sequences, we see Jake’s fantasies of eating junk food, being a rock star, and rescuing a princess as a knight.

This charming story about a boy and his dog from author/illustrator Mike Herrod is a quick read suitable for new readers. The book is part of independent publisher Blue Apple Books’ Balloon Toons line to introduce young readers to the comic book format. As a sort of beginning graphic novel, each page features a few comic panels with simple words and short sentences. Each of the three dream sequences tells a mini-story that has an unexpected or humorous ending and the whole book ends on a sweet note. The story doesn’t break new literary ground, but it should delight its target audience. The vibrant, full-color art fits the light-hearted mood of the story and evokes feelings of vintage comics, and the book itself is of high production quality with a reinforced binding and thick, matte pages. Overall, a solid addition to a picture book or easy reader collection.

Balloon Toons: Doggie Dreams
by Mike Herrod
ISBN: 9781609050658
Blue Apple Books, 2011

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