I’m happy that the anime adaptation of Natsume Ono’s House of Five Leaves manga has been licensed by NIS America for DVD release in 2012.  It’s a lovely short historical series for grown-up attention spans.  At the moment, you can still check out the beautiful intro (or the whole thing) for free on Hulu and Funimation.  I kind of want it…!

Jennifer H.

I just found out that the Christmas Elves bought me tickets to MegaCon 2012 in Orlando so I can see Stan Lee. It will be my first comic convention. Very excited. 🙂

Robin: Excelsior!


I just noticed that new issues of Animal Man and Swamp Thing are coming out that week and that is very exciting news indeed!  Animal Man is almost certainly the best of DC’s New 52.  Writer Jeff Lemire is employing strong characterizations and a perfectly evoking the dynamics of a close, loving family confronting dark horrors.  The story is beautifully brought to life by artist Travel Foreman whose chilling creature designs are psychedelic and grotesque.  There is no other mainstream superhero comic like this out there.  And after last issue’s suggestion that the story might soon be colliding with writer Scott Snyder’s relaunch of Swamp Thing, I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

Matt Morrison

I’m happy because I found out the next big Con in my neck of the woods – Dallas Sci-Fi Expo – will feature 4 of the 9 cast members from Firefly as well as the invincible cheerleader herself, Hayden Panettiere.  Now if only my press pass gets approved this time so I can score some interviews…


I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever and, as with all the other books in the series, it brought back so many memories of my junior high school days.




Everyone has probably seen it but this Avenger’s Parody made me happy.  Haha, the Hulk one is the best.



I just picked up and read my copy of Flight of Angels, conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay. While I am not a big fan of angels in my reading choices, this is a beautiful book and includes some of my favourite writers such as Holly Black, and Bill Willingham, It also features my favourite letter Todd Klein.


I just saw the preview for The Secret World of Arrietty and it looks amazing.


I’m happy to see the upturn in the checkouts and requests of the Tintin adventures!  While it’s to be expected because of the upcoming movie, I always felt that Hergé’s Tintin was a graphic novel series that always hid right under our noses.  I mean those books have been in my library since I was a kid – not too many other graphic novels can claim that.  If you haven’t read one in a while, pick it up – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good it is.


Mark Millar won’t like it, but I’m happy that I’ve completely transitioned to digital comics. It’s slick and easy and they look great on my ipad. The only downside is that I have to lend the ipad to my wife so she can read things when I’m done. Also, going digital gave me a chance to talk myself into giving up some of the titles I’d been buying every month, saving me some money! I like the anticipation and excitement of monthly comics, but it was kind of stupid how many things I was buying in single issues and then buying again in trades.


I’m being made happy by awesome comic fan art — thanks to The Mary Sue for the heads up (these were featured in their gift guide.)  Gingerhaze has some of the most charming fan comic art this side of Kate Beaton and John Allison. As a Supernatural fan, I particularly enjoyed this one.

I’m glad to see cranky (but awesome) Wonder Woman back at Hark a Vagrant.

And then there’s Shortpacked once again zooming in smartly on the issues surrounding gender and comics.

So many small joys to be had!
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