Apologies to all for missing last week’s usual post, but as the site was apparently under attack, it seemed wise to hold off until the problem was fixed (which, fingers crossed, it is!).  So, here’s two week’s worth of happiness!  Who doesn’t need that on a Friday morning?


Boom! Studios is making an Adventure Time comic! Huzzah! That’s cool in and of itself. Adventure Time is great; Boom! makes good comics; it’s all totally math. But it’s made so much more sweeter by the fact that the comic is to be written by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics. I loves me some Dinosaur Comics and absolutely trust North to nail the tone of weirdness, wonder, naiveté, and subtle darkness that makes the show so fun. Comics Alliance says the comic should be along in February.

Traci: I second Andrew’s happy!  Adventure Time comic, Boom and Ryan North – the trifecta of awesome!!

Jennifer H.

Okay, these might be in Portuguese which I have absolutely no clue how to read, but they are wicked awesome! Check out the Cave of the Jedi webcomics. I discovered the site through the awesome pinterest which I am addicted to…art really does transcend language barriers.


I’m pretty excited about Kevin Eastman taking over Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA. On November 18, he and Mark Bode created a mural of the first TMNT comic on the side of the Meltdown building.

Matt Moffett

A new art-blog is making me very happy this week:
It’s a cooperative blog with contributors ranging from Amanda Conner to Francesco Franavilla to Sean Phillips. It’s just getting started but if they keep it going it will be a really nice collection of scans of sketches and finished art.  At right is Becky Cloonan’s The Mire, a contribution to the site.


Somebody close to me who I don’t believe reads this column got the Axe Cop Munchkin Card Game for her birthday and that makes me super-excited.  I spent the bulk of my post-Thanksgiving food coma chopping off some heads!


What’s making me happy this week – yesterday I spent the day booktalking to 7th graders (and I’m still exhausted!).  I didn’t have a theme, so I just chose high interest books, so things like The Maze Runner and Leviathan.  I also brought along Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol, because I love that book!  I borrowed from Jennifer’s review (thank you!) for my talk and every single class had students jockeying to get that book when they had some free time at the end.  This was an even mix of girls and guys and it was so cool to see.  They would buddy up and just plunk down to start reading it – not flipping through, but really reading.  In one class, two guys read it straight through the teacher’s instructions after their free time and then up until the bell rang (and loudly objected when they had to give it back).  Yay!


I just realized that I did not mention the new collection at the University of Alberta Libraries: I’m No Superman: The Comic Collection of Gilbert Bouchard. Gilbert was a dear friend of many of us here in Edmonton in the comic book scene and visual arts world. He unfortunately died in 2009 but his legacy lives on with this permanent collection. I attended the opening of the exhibit last week and highly recommend anyone who is in the area to check it out. There is a large possibility that it will be a virtual exhibit some time in the future. Further information here.


I’m mostly excited because I gave one of my teen patrons Fairy Tail Volume 1 a couple weeks ago and came in today to find he had requested vols. 2-10.  I’m spreading the manga!


I’m happy because the book I co-wrote with librarian (and dear friend) Scott Robins is in Amazon and on Goodreads! A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kid’s Comics: Choosing Titles Your Kids Will Love will be released spring 2012 and it will be my first published book.  YAY!


This new Simpsons episode is making me happy this week.  Books, Simpsons snarkitude, and Mr. Neil–what’s not to love?  *snort*


I just read the first volume of Locke & Key and have fallen head over heels. What struck me the most about the book is it’s similarity to the show “American Horror Story” (which I have stopped watching due to boredom). In fact, this should have been the source for AHS because the first volume was considerably more terrifying, moving and dramatic than the first five episodes of the show.


I was happy to see these animated comics covers by Kerry Callen on the ComicsAlliance site yesterday!  They are are so cool!


I’M SO HAPPY! I just found out that two of my favorite people, Brigid Alverson and Jesse Karp will serve as Eisner judges this year. Really, the entire line-up is stellar. And two women judges? Woohoo! It makes me want to be a judge all over again. Here’s the whole press release.



I’m going to end this on a rather silly note, but what made me giggle this week is Comics Alliance’s post comparing the giant New 52 collection fro DC Comics to a cat.  So. Adorable.  Just look at that face.

Glad to know DC continues to make giant books no one can hold up or read in normal circumstances, let alone on the subway (where I do most of my reading.)  Don’t get me started on trying to shelve them.

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