Thanksgiving is over. Even if that turkey could talk, he isn’t anymore. Thankfully, the animals on the Top 5 List of Talking Animals never shut up!

5. Bandit, Tinker, and Pirate

from WE3

by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly

Morrison’s heartbreaking WE3 reads like a twisted Incredible Journey. Bioengineered to be weapons and granted the ability to, literally, speak their minds, the dog, cat, and rabbit team try to find their way home. Their inherent ‘animalness’ is kept intact as Bandit shows a dog’s hope, Tinker speaks cynically and Pirate is only half aware of anything at any given time.



4. Matthew Cable

from Sandman

by Neil Gaiman and various artists

Matthew was once human but after being killed, Dream resurrected him as a Raven. Matthew isn’t thrilled with his new life but what choice does he have? He’s a trash talking and humorous Raven who is sometimes seen with one of the Top 5 Monsters, Corinthian.



3. Babe the Blue Ox

from Jack of Fables

by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges

Poor Babe – he’s shrunk down to miniature size and his new master is the incorrigible Jack. The only thing that keeps him going is his hilarious and outsized imagination. Though he doesn’t technically speak, the reader gets to hear his every thought and that’s good enough!



2. Krosp

from Girl Genius

by Phil and Kaja Foglio

The Emperor of all Cats will probably balk at being #2, instead of #1. He’s super-intelligent and organizes, or tries to anyway, the legions of cat spies. He’s also a loyal friend to Girl Genius star, Agatha.



1. Hobbes

from Calvin and Hobbes

A talking tiger sprung from the imagination of a wild boy, Hobbes goes beyond talking animal to represent true friendship, good humor, and a type of childhood magic that even adults can’t ever outgrow.

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