The lip-dub video of the cast and crew of David Tennant-era Doctor Who singing along to The Proclaimers’ ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ put a huge smile on my face!

The latest episode of Psych featured a superhero comics theme with citizen vigilante The Mantis and Shawn and Gus as The Catch and Tap Man — it even had comics panels leading up to the commercial breaks!

Robin: Whitney, I loved that video!  So adorable.  Not that it’s hard for David Tennant to be adorable, but…he even got Timothy Dalton in on it. 😀


I’ve finally gotten the chance to go through the Dragonball DVDs I’m reviewing for the site and I’m really enjoying those! It’s been a nice distraction from the death of my PS3, which has delayed my chances to play Uncharted 3. Grr.


I’m a little late to the game (so to speak) but Arkham City is a pretty vast well of happiness for me right now.  SO many small details and surprises for Batman geeks to discover!  And I don’t know about anyone else but I’d love a fuller Catwoman campaign.  The way that they’ve captured the movement of both characters is incredibly impressive.


I got my hands on the second volume of The Finder Library and it’s totally living up to my expectations. The first storyline involves virtual worlds, bio-tech interfaces, and musings about the nature of art and creation – these are a few of my favorite things!


One last costume note from me: I thoroughly enjoyed Jillian “Skim” Tamaki’s blog post sketch imagining new and hilariously snide “sexy” Halloween costumes.  Break out your Sexy Virginia Woolf next year!  And if you haven’t already seen her gorgeous Penguin covers (hand embroidered designs!), check ’em out.

Also, I finally finished reading Craig Thompson’s glorious Habibi this week, and it continues to haunt me. I cannot stress enough what a feat it is: as a work of art, as a rich observation on storytelling, and a meditation on faith.  Outstanding.  The A.V. Club has a great interview with Thompson here.


Godzilla’s birthday today (Thursday, November 3) is making me happy this week!  And I’d totally forgotten about the cheestastic 1979-81 cartoon version till my brother started drumming the back of my chair and singing the theme song at me.


Just finished Ruby Red by Kirsten Gier (translated from the German). It’s a trilogy already published in Germany. Book two should be finished being translated in the Spring. A family with a time traveling gene, a mysterious prophecy, family rivalries, and a clever heroine who has to travel with an annoyingly cute partner. Could be the next Twilight (except no vampires or zombies). Just a really fun read.

Matt Moffett

With the snow we got on the East Coast last weekend, I thought these wintertime costume designs for some of the women of DC Comics done by artist Hanie Mohd were very timely.

Robin: OMG, Matt, those are amazing.  I just changed my desktop background…but which one to choose for work and which for home?


I am very pleased that Chester Brown’s Louis Riel made it to the semi-final’s for this round of CBC radio’s Canada Reads, focusing on “True Stories.” On November 23 we will find out if this only graphic novel title makes it to the top 5 which will then be debated and discussed on the radio in February. More about Canada Reads 2012 can be found here.

Jennifer W

I finally have something! Dav Pilkey has finally given in and sold the rights to Captain Underpants to Dreamworks. Captain Underpants movies, here we come! All librarians, get out there and replace and fill in your collection with library bound editions!


What is making me happy? It’s simple, but I love my new sketchbook.

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