Who’s keeping you safe this Halloween? The Top 5 Paranormal Investigators!

5. Subaru Sumeragi

(Tokyo Babylon and X/1999 by CLAMP )

Subaru is a regular guy who just happens to be an incredibly strong onmyoji, or Japanese diviner. He uses his powers to dispel demons, help lost souls, and other needful spirit requests. When he’s not busy investigating, he spends his time trying to understand the ones he loves.



4. Dead Boy Detectives

(first introduced in Sandman by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner)

Edwin and Charles are boys who never grew up. Their untimely deaths led to a choice – move onto the afterlife or stay back as ghosts. They stay on Earth investing creepy crimes.



3. Courtney Crumrin

(Courtney Crumrin series by Ted Naifeh )

Courtney is dark and misunderstood. When she moves in with her mysterious Uncle Aloysius, she discovers she’s even more different than she thought. With a fair amount of moxie, she investigates the strange happenings that seem to surround her uncle and dabbles in magic.




2. Hellboy

The Hellboy series by Mike Mignola

Hellboy, Anung An Rama, is a demon from the pits of hell. Despite his origins, he joins the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. There he and his human counterparts, travel the world trying to keep the paranormal damage to a minimum.




1. John Constantine

Hellblazer by various writers and artists

Constantine is the quintessential anti-hero. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty for the “greater good”. He spends his time smoking cigarettes, wooing women, trying to keep himself and his friends from getting killed and, of course, investigating demons, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

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