October – a month dedicated to the goblins, vampires and monsters of the page. Here’s a list of recommended Horror reads.  Follow the linked titles to read our reviews.


Courtney Crumrin
by Ted Naifeh
ISBN: 978-1929998609
Oni, 2003-2009
4 vol.
Publisher Age Rating: Youth, Age 7+
Spunky Courtney Crumrin is sent to live with her mysterious uncle.


The Dead Boy Detectives
by Jill Thompson
Vertigo, 2005
ISBN: 978-1401203139
A pair of detectives are on the lookout for a missing girl.




by Doug TenNapel
ISBN: 978-0545210287
Scholastic Graphix, 2010
A creepy, funny story about a boy sucked into the afterlife too early.




Magic Trixie
by Jill Thompson
ISBN: 0061170453
HarperCollins, 2008-
Publisher Age Rating: Ages 8 to 12
Trixie is a witch who just wants someone to notice how special she can be.



by Ray Fawkes
ISBN: 978-1934964361
Oni, 2010-
3 vol.
Publisher Age Rating: Youth, Age 7+
A cute demon is looking to break out of the Llewellyn-Vane House for Captured Spirits and Ghostly Curiosities.



Amazing Screw-On Head and other Curious Objects
by Mike Mingola
ISBN: 978-1595825018
Dark Horse, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: 16+
A humorous story about a head hired by President Lincoln to rid the world of evil.



Brain Camp
by Susan loKim and Faith Erin Hicks
ISBN: 1596433663
First Second, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: Grades 6 and up, Age 11 and up
A trip to summer camp turns bizarre. Reader beware: sexual situation.



by Mike Mignola
ISBN: 1593070942
Dark Horse, 2004-
Publisher Age Rating: 16+
A demon from hell teams up with humans to fight supernatural horrors. Reader beware: violence.


by Michael Alan Nelson and Emma Rios
ISBN: 9781608860456
BOOM! Studios, 2011
Young thief Lucifer doesn’t steal ordinary artifacts, she steals supernatural treasures for money and the thrill. That is, she would be until her past comes back to haunt her at the worst possible moment. Reader beware: violence, lots of icky goo.



Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director’s Cut
by Jhonen Vasquez
ISBN: 978-0943151168
SLG, 1997
Johnny is a funny homicidal maniac. Reader beware: violence.




Locke & Key
by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
ISBN: 978-1600103841
IDW, 2009-
The Locke family moves into a more than haunted house. Reader beware: graphic violence and some language.



Lola: A Ghost Story
by J. Torres
ISBN: 978-1934964330
Oni, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: Youth, Age 7+
Jesse is plagued with nightmares and visions of his dead grandmother.



Marvel Zombies
by Robert Kirckman and Sean Phillips
ISBN: 978-0785120148
Marvel, 2006
Publisher Age Rating: Parental Advisory
Superheroes zombified! Reader beware: disturbing images.



Pigeons from Hell
by Joe R. Landsdale
ISBN: 978-1595822376
Dark Horse, 2009
Publisher Age Rating: 16+
A classic horror story gets the comics treatment.



Life Sucks
by Jessica Abel and Warren Pleece
ISBN: 1596431075
First Second, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: Grade 9 and up, Age 14 and up
A down on his luck vampire falls in love. Reader beware: violence.



Morning Glories
by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
ISBN: 978-1607063193
Image, 2011-
2 vol.
School can be a real buzzkill. Reader beware: violence.



My Boyfriend is a Monster
by various writers/artists
ISBN: 978-0761370796
Graphic Universe, 2011-
4 vol.
Publisher Age Rating: Interest level grades 7-12, Ages 12-18
Different, humorous and horrific stories about the trials of dating in a world with monsters.


Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer
by Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen
ISBN: 978-1593621766
SLG, 2009-
2 vol.
The fairy tale character does battle with vampires.



Secret Six
by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott
ISBN: 978-1401223274
DC Comics, 2009
A group of superheroes go into hiding from a band of killers. Reader beware: violence



Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives
by Ellen Schrieber and rem
ISBN: 978-0061340819
Katherine Tegen Books, 2007-
3 vol.
Publisher Age Rating: Ages 13 and up
Human girl Raven and vampire boyfriend Alexander try to keep their town safe from a rogue band of vampires.


Wormwood Gentlemen Corpse
by Ben Templesmith
ISBN: 978-1600103759
IDW, 2007-
3 vol.
Part-horror and part-humor, Wormwood investigates the eerie. Reader beware: violence and language.



American Vampire
by Scott Snyder et. al.
ISBN: 978-1401229740
Vertigo, 2011-
2 vol.
Horror master Stephen King contributes a story to this vampire series. Reader beware: violence and language.


Black Hole
by Charles Burns
ISBN: 978-0375714726
Pantheon, 2008
A modern classic, teenagers catch a frightening STD. Reader beware: nudity, sexual content, graphic violence, language and disturbing images.



The Courtyard
by Alan Moore
ISBN: 978-1592910601
Avatar, 2008
Publisher Age Rating: Mature Readers
An FBI agent investigates a series of unusual murders. Reader beware: graphic violence, language, and nudity.


Dante’s Inferno
by Christos Gage
ISBN: 978-1401228125
DC Comics/Wildstorm, 2010
Publisher Age Rating: Mature Readers
Based on the popular video game, take a trip into Dante’s hell. Reader beware: nudity and disturbing images.


From Hell
by Alan Moore
ISBN: 978-0958578349
Top Shelf, 2000
A Jack the Ripper character study. Reader beware: graphic violence, nudity, and language.



Hellblazer: Original Sins
by Jamie Delano
ISBN: 978-1563890529
Vertigo, 1997
Meet John Constantine. Reader beware: language




Silent Hill Omnibus
by Scott Ciecin et. al.
ISBN: 978-1600102394
IDW, 2008
Based on the video game, the omnibus collects the entire comic series. Reader beware: Disturbing images, graphic violence, nudity and language.



30 Days of Night
by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith
ISBN: 1932382844
IDW, 2004
A vampire clan believes they’ve hit pay dirt when they discover an Alaskan town that stays dark for thirty days. Reader beware: violence.



by Junji Ito
ISBN: 978-1421513898
Viz Media, 2007
3 vol.
Publisher Age Rating: Teen Plus
A small town is driven mad, twisted up and demolished by the shape of the spiral. Reader beware: Disturbing images and violence.


The Walking Dead
by Robert Kirkman et. al.
ISBN: 978-1582406725
Image Comics, 2006-
14 vol.
A character-driven zombie series. Reader beware: Graphic violence and language.



Welcome to Hoxford
by Ben Templesmith
ISBN: 160010374X
IDW, 2009
Welcome to Hoxford, where you can get the help you need and never leave. Reader beware: violence and language.

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