Since it’s almost Halloween, and last Friday’s What Making Us Happy This Week was chock full of costume admiration, I surveyed the team to ask which costumes from comics they love best. Some of these are the ones we love to wear ourselves, and some are those outfits that just perfectly suit the character and attitude that it makes us all wish we could have such talented tailors at our disposal.


My favorite upcoming manga-fied characters to cosplay: Alexia Tarabotti from the Parasol Protectorate series. I already have that skirt!  Too bad I don’t have a strapping Scottish werewolf to go with it…

Most likely, if I ever did cosplay this, I have a number of friends better suited to playing Alexia, so I’m likely to crossplay and don Lord Akeldama’s perfectly tied cravats.  I would adore that too. Here are all the character design sketches from the artist on the manga, Rem, and where I found the above teasers for the manga due out in March of 2012. Normally I’m not terribly excited about adaptations from books to graphic novels, but knowing how much of a manga fan Gail Carriger is and how in synch she and her artist seem to be, I have high hopes.


I’ve always loved the design of Two Face.



Also, Doraemon is who I always want to be for Halloween.  It would be such a warm costume.  (I just heard my mother’s voice echoing in my head)


Picking one best comics costume is pretty impossible, but I do love the costume Thorn puts on when she gets ready to kick butt in the 6th book of Bone. It’s not super fancy and doesn’t get a glamor shot reveal or anything but it looks good and corresponds to a strong moment for the character. The first time I read that scene I took a moment to stare at the costume and wish that I lived in a world where I could have the sort of adventures that call for one to dress that awesomely.


I love Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit (talk about a costume being integral to a character), and I also like Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix costume. I guess I like red and gold. 🙂


I pretty much love everything that Yuko wears in xxxHolic. Unfortunately I will never be able to cosplay as her, being that I lack the necessary…attributes.

And, as I like to wear gothic lolita at comic cons (and at science fiction cons and at library cons and random Halloween parties and occasionally to the ballet), I have always loved Mitsukazu Mihara’s character designs. It’s really too bad that TokyoPop going out of business took her books off the market.

For superheroes, it’s the black with blue trim Nightwing costume that I think does the most justice to Dick Grayson’s figure. (Not the dorky one with the collar, though. That’s just bad.)


Practically every panel of Girl Genius cries out for costuming, but I would so love to be Mama Gkika…


I’m too torn to pick favorites! So many natty dressers out there….
So how about I go with silly and say Danbo, the money-powered robot (a.k.a. Yotsuba’s friend Miura donning her science project)?
What are your favorites?
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