I’m happy to report that I’m adapting to life post-Doctor Who quite well! I can now catch up on all the other shows I’ve been recording, whoo! I caught the pilot of American Horror Story, which is a new show on FX about a family who move to Los Angeles in order to heal from some serious marital issues only to find out that their house is haunted. In preparation for the new season of The Walking Dead, I’ve been rewatching the first season as well as re-reading the graphic novels.


It is exceedingly silly, but the news that Cartoon Saloon (they of The Secret of Kells, which I have shamefully not yet seen!!) will be doing some animation for the Aquabats Super Show amuses me greatly.  “Woh ho ho ho, Powdered Milk Man, woh ho ho, you must die!”

Nichole: Super excited about this too…I love Yo Gabba Gabba because of the Aquabats 🙂


I’m really liking this flow chart from NPR.

Jenny: Thanks, Emma, for the link to the flowchart! I’d read about it but hadn’t seen it yet. Now I’m going to be pouring (and snorting) over it all morning….


Did somebody already say the Avengers trailer?  Because I’m so happy about that.

Robin: Abby, ME TOO.  Although, as one person pointed out, it needs like 80% more Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner.  Or maybe that’s just me. 🙂
Abby: I agree.  It really needed more Renner, as did Thor.  And I know Idris Elba was only in Thor, but I really want him to appear in the Avengers too.  And everything else.
Jenny: I’m excited for Avengers, too, Abby!


If anyone has ever seen the Axe Cop web comic (written by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother), you might enjoy this “spin-off pitch” for Axe Cop babies. I’m already a fan of Cool Broccoli.


I would say, even with all its problems, the Netflix app makes me happy this week. Plenty of Iron Man for my son to enjoy and plenty of Korean television based on manga, like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss,  for me to enjoy. Comes in pretty handy when you are stuck waiting somewhere for a couple hours. 😉


New Simon’s Cat!

Jenny: Oh, Sadie, I adore Simon’s Cat! He understands (and draws) cat behavior so well, I just want to reach in and scratch his kitties behind the ears.
Sheli: Thanks for the Simon’s Cat. That was fantastic.


Barking spiders!  I’m loving Goliath by Scott Westerfeld and the beautiful illustrations by Keith Thompson.  The contrast between the Darwinists and Clankers is delightful.
Robin: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Leviathan, and was not as swept away by Behemoth, but I’m very excited for the finale in Goliath.  And THE ART.  The art is so outstanding.  I’m trying to find wall space to get this print for my apartment. And did you know that Westerfeld and Thompson (last I heard) are going to be releasing a giant, incredibly detailed art book for the entire series, complete with schematics and designs for everything?


This week I enjoyed reading (poring over) Brian Selznick’s hybrid novel, Wonderstruck. It is filled with joy and music (of the silent kind).


I can be excited that I finally found a TPB of Batman the Brave and the Bold, based on the Cartoon Network animated series, that I can purchase through my vendor! It’s listing Sholly Fisch and Rick Burchett as authors/illustrators and is supposed to contain vol. 1-6. I have so many young Batman fans who keep asking for comics and now I’ll finally have something for them!


My library’s graphic novel discussion group met on Tuesday to discuss the first volume of Marvel’s Dark Tower comics. One of the attendees was an older guy who was a huge Stephen King fan but have never read a graphic novel before. I was extremely pleased that he enjoyed the discussion and checked out a copy of Watchmen on his way out!


The third issue of the new Ultimate Spider-Man series came out this week, and what’s making me happy right now is Miles Morales, aka “The Black Spider-Man.”  Any early accusations that Marvel was succumbing to tokenism or political correctness by killing Peter Parker and having an half-African-American-half-Latino kid pick up the mantle of Spider-Man can and should clearly be thrown out the window. Writer Brian Micheal Bendis is delivering a thoughtful story about the death of a great hero and how his sacrifice inspires another.  Things are moving slowly, which is good because it gives us time to get to know Miles and watch him wrestle with the great power that’s been thrust upon him (and the great responsibility that is right around the corner).  It helps that Miles is an immensely likable kid and the issues that his family is facing will ring very true to many young readers.  I haven’t seen a story that looked at the legacy of a hero so successfully in a long time.  The fact that I am going to be able to share this book with the many teens of color that I work with — showing them a big-name superhero that they’ll be able to see themselves in — is just icing.

Sheli: I was so surprised that Miles is in elementary school! I’m just so used to an older teen/Adult spidey I didn’t even think.


This week I finally caught up on a few of the recommended New 52 from DC.  With all of the unhappiness about some titles, I was really pleased to discover I really enjoyed Animal Man #1, Wonder Woman #1, and Stormwatch #1 (I’m keen to see how that one in particular progresses, as a fan of Warren Ellis’s run on Stormwatch and The Authority.  Although I still miss Jenny Sparks.)

Plus, on a more personal note, this weekend I’m honored to be moderating a panel at the Boston Book Festival, Graphic Novels: Drawing the Story, featuring Alison Bechdel, Daniel Clowes and Seth. Then I’ll be haring off to go see Far Out Fiction, with Gregory Maguire, Chuck Klosterman, Karen Russell, and Kate Beaton, and then get my copy of Kate Beaton’s Hark a Vagrant signed!


I caught a dad reading Green Lantern to his son in one of our comfy chairs, and then a day later a Grandmom reading Pet Avengers to her grandson. I LOVE that. Since neither guardian asked for help, that means they knew where to get the items AND were not one of those silly parents that lead their kids away to the “real books”. Go comics!


While I didn’t attend it (working… boo!), I’m really happy that GeekGirl Con in Seattle went so well.  I live an hour away and a few friends did make it.  It sold out both days and had some amazing panels.  Check out Gail Simone’s write-up of the con and the fact that a female-centric geek-con was a huge success.

Matt Morrison

My library was just awarded a grant from our local Best Buy, as part of their @15 Community Grants program.  This program helps non-profit organizatiosn provides positive experiences to help teens to excel in school, engage in their communities, and develop leadership skills. I’ll be using the grant to further develop our young adult and teen graphic novel collections as well as to purchase new electronics and furniture for our teen room.  We’re finally getting a Kinect, baby!

Matt Moffet

I was very pleasantly surprised this week by Chuck Dixon’s new comics adaptation of the Robert Jordan novel The Eye of the World. Two of my great loves are classic fantasy and comics and there are so few examples out there of good-quality fantasy comics. Dixon does a great job with this one delivering the feel of the novel without getting too weighed down in all the fine details. Most Jordan fans should be pleased, but Dixon keeps it open enough that someone not familiar with the whole Wheel of Time series should still find it a fun read.


Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a happy week because my entire family has had the flu! Sleep was my main focus for the majority of the week, but I was still able to catch Regular Show‘s “Terror Tales From the Park” Halloween special and really enjoyed it.


I’m showing my geek roots by being glad that Green Lantern is coming out on Blu Ray/DVD this week.  I’ve always loved the GL Corps (Well, not Blackest Night so much…) but was a scared away from the movie by all the bad reviews.  Of course then I was told it was fun by my friends after it was already out of the theaters.


(one more time!)

Okay, I know I already posted, but I just saw this amazing Apple/Portal parody video and it has truly MADE MY WEEK:


Batman:  Arkham City – October 18th (only 5 days left to wait until I’m in front of my Playstation 3 for 24 hours straight!!).

So, dear readers, what’s making YOU happy this week?

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