Adapted from the manga, Vampire Knight vol. 1 opens with Yuki Cross attempting to calm a screaming pile of girls. Soon the reason for their hysteria becomes clear as a line of handsome boys and beautiful girls walk in straight line, past the mob and into a large school. That’s life at Cross Academy where the day class must be kept separate from the night class. Yuki and her partner Zero are a the discipline committee, tasked with making sure that separation holds. The night class is a class of vampires. Yuki has feelings for one vampire in particular – Kaname Kuran. She and Zero find themselves in danger as tensions heat up between the vampires and as the day class gets braver, wanting to explore at night and see more of the beautiful night class. Zero battles his own inner demons and hatred for the night class. Yuki’s personal relationship drama is off set with plenty of action. In other words, she pines for Kaname while twirling around and hitting his friends with a long stick.

The anime is able to use color and movement which gives the vampires, whose eyes glow red and fangs gleam in the light, a very sinister feel. Viewers have the choice or subtitles or dubbed voices. These first four episodes jump into the story and even new viewers, unfamiliar with the manga, will enjoy the romance, action and mystery. While Zero removes his shirt, there is nothing in this anime that could keep it from being shown to teens .

Vampire Knight vol. 1
Viz Media, 2010
Directed by Kiyoko Sayama
96 mins, 1 disc
Company Age Rating: OT/older teen
Related to: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

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