Bad Island is like a bad dream. Reese is your normal teenager and when it’s time to take a family boat trip he would rather gouge out his eyes then hang out with his parents and little sister. However, the adventure that ensues is surprising and pretty incredible. The first few pages depict a world in some time with creatures made of rock, serving as a foreshadowing for upcoming craziness. Quickly the scene changes to Reese and his family getting ready for the family boat trip, that naturally ends in disaster with the family being marooned on a deserted island. This island is weird; strange creatures, plants and unexplained activity totally creep out the entire family as they are working together to get off the island. This weird mystery culminates when both the other world and present time collide in an exciting conclusion. Overall, the story is engaging, filled with adventure and creatures that are sure to keep teens enthralled with the combination of real life and fantasy. The artwork is colorful, vivid and seems to move off the page. This would be great for fans that have moved beyond the Amulet series. Besides, who doesn’t love a story about a family trip gone awry?

Bad Island
by Doug TenNapel
ISBN: 9780545314794
Graphix/Scholastic, 2011

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