Souji returns home after a year at boarding school to find his brother missing, his sisters as mysterious and aloof as ever, and three teens from his school murdered. He has reason to believe that the three things are connected, but when a perky girl at his school – Yukako Sasai – starts bugging him to investigate the murders, Souji realizes that he may have to put his own orderly life on the line in order to keep her safe.

Tanigawa is most famous for his Haruhi Suzumiya novels, adapted into a anime series popular in both Japan and the States. Instead of the off-beat science fiction of Suzumiya’s world, here Tanigawa plays with horror and mystery. Souji clearly knows more than he’s letting on and his family is certainly not going to star in any Hallmark movies. After all, his three sisters – one full-blood, one half, and one step – may be murderers and, on top of that, he’s sleeping with his half-sister, much to the consternation of the other two, who would be more than happy to take her place….

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Amnesia Labyrinth, vol. 1
Story by Nagaru Tanigawa; Art by Natsumi Kohane
ISBN 978-1-934876-93-0
Seven Seas, 2011

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