Seven squat bears come home from a hard day at the salt mines and discover to their horror that their house has been broken into–and the giant culprit is now asleep on their seven little beds. Sounds like a job for Goldilocks, the giant-slaying prince!

Yen Press moves from licensing the comics of Japan and Korea to bringing over childrens’ comics from France in their release of the first book in Bravo’s silly Seven Squat Bears series. Bravo’s series has won acclaim in his native land and for good reason. This fairy tale mash-up is the best combination of good storytelling and terrific art. Fairy tale fans in particular will love playing “spot the tale” as they try to pin-point which parts of the story are from which fairy tale. By focusing his plot on the down-to-earth bears, Bravo highlights the ridiculous aspects of fairy stories and encourages his audience to laugh along with him. Just the right touch of childish humor–such as the bears giggling when the prince goes to kiss a sleeping girl–insures that this story isn’t too cutesy, so it will appeal to boy readers as well as girls.

Bravo’s art has a droll quality to it….

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Goldilocks and the Seven Squat Bears
Emile Bravo
ISBN 978-0-316-08358-4
Yen Press, August 2010
Publisher’s Age Rating: All Ages

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