Bafflerog Rumplewhisker is an evil wizard, or rather he’s supposed to be one. The problem is that his spells don’t quite cause evil and he doesn’t really have the heart to fix them. But still, it’s in his blood to be evil, so when he finds out the hidden location of The Book of Worse-a book with the spells for ending all goodness and light-he’s obligated to go on a quest to find it and turn it over to the Darksome Council…isn’t he?

IDW has released a new, updated version of Busiek and Wenzel’s classic fantasy comic. Previously released by DC’s Homage line, after the original publisher Eclipse went out of print, The Wizard’s Tale was out of print for quite a few years before IDW picked it back up. Now it’s being published in a new hardcover edition, with updated colors, a slightly touched up script, and new lettering. All of these elements combine to make an already gorgeous comic even more beautiful. Wenzel’s art in this graphic novel is worth the price of the book alone. No detail is left untouched….

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The Wizard’s Tale
Kurt Busiek; art by David T. Wenzel
ISBN 9781600105951
IDW, January 2010

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