Geronimo Stilton, editor of the Rodent Gazette and writer of adventure stories, is now a comic book creator as well. In his first two graphic novel adventures, he is sent back to the past by his good friend Professor Volt. Geronimo’s job is to stop the evil Pirate Cats from changing history. First they try to prevent Columbus from discovering America by sowing the seeds of mutiny and then they go all the way back to Ancient Egypt to try to trick the pharaoh into putting a cat’s face onto the Great Sphinx. Can Geronimo and his friends stop them in time to save history or is the Pirate Cats’ plan too “purr”fect to fail?

Okay, I will confess: I haven’t read the Geronimo Stilton novels. I know, it’s a sad lapse that I need to fix immediately, especially now that I’ve read these cute, silly additions to Geronimo’s adventures. I was worried that a graphic novel version of such a popular books series might have been rushed to completion in order to get it into the eager hands of fans, but luckily these graphic novels show no signs of being thrown together hastily. Both stories are filled with humor, but without forgetting about plot in the process.

The historical elements are not completely accurate, which is understandable since Geronimo lives in a world populated almost entirely by mice and cats, but there are plenty of sidebars which explain the historical details, keeping the reader straight on setting and time period. These sidebars are in no way distracting, though, fitting right into the panels so that readers don’t have to break the story to pick up needed information. The only problem that readers might run into is that these sidebars tend to use longer vocabulary, but they should be able to decipher those words based on the other words around them without too much problem.

The art is beautifully colorful…..

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Geronimo Stilton, #1: The Discovery of America
ISBN 978-1-59707-158-1
Geronimo Stilton, #2: The Secret of the Sphinx
ISBN 978-1-59707-158-1
Papercutz, August 2009

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