Johnny feels trapped in his dead-end job until a magical pair of chopsticks releases a career counselor unlike any other—a sprite-like creature named Diana. Despite the slightly cheesy-sounding premise, Pink, a writer who focuses on the world of work, offers up a solid career guide with a lively and interesting storyline.

The book’s success lies in several areas. First of all, Pink knows comics. He studied the manga industry in Tokyo thanks to a 2007 Japan Society Media Fellowship. So, instead of Johnny Bunko coming off as yet another attempt to cash in on the comic industry, it actually reads like a comic should. Even in the areas where Pink is trying to impart a lot of information, he is careful to break it up into portions that work within the framework of comics….

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The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: the last career guide you’ll ever need
Story by Daniel H. Pink; art by Rob Ten Pas
ISBN: 9781594482915
Riverhead Trade, 2008

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