Yooi Kang’s mother is dead and her father’s on the run because of his shady business practices, so she works hard just to support herself. Lida Yoo, a spoiled rich girl who has always gotten everything she wanted, finds that money won’t help when an assassin is out to get her. Gaon Gil is the son of a prominent politician–and the mastermind behind his campaign–but he feels trapped in his world of privilege. When Yooi and Lida have a run-in at school, they discover that they share the same face. Lida offers Yooi the chance to earn the cash she needs, just by pretending to be Lida at various functions. Yooi’s happy to be paid, but when the assassin’s plot forces her into the arms of Lida’s fiancée, Gaon, her feelings for him aren’t easily pushed aside.

This manhwa is a fast-paced shojo with a good deal of drama and romance on the surface, but it doesn’t have a very deep core. Yooi is a stereotypically nice girl, mustering her courage in the face of adversity. Gaon and Lida are also clichés of their character types. Wann’s illustrations aptly capture the beautiful features of the three leads and believably portray Lida and Gaon’s world of privilege, even though characters sometimes look rather similar. Readers looking for a speedy read, however, will not be disappointed as they whiz through Wann’s books. At six volumes, the series is nicely manageable and these volumes do not suffer from the translation problems which sometimes plague NetComics works. Recommended for rabid shojo readers who’ve read everything else and need a quick drama fix.

Can’t Lose You, vol. 1-2
By Wann
Volume 1 ISBN: 9781600090394
Volume 2 ISBN: 9781600090400
Net Comics, 2006

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