Ray is a mysterious surgeon with X-ray eyes. Born on a body farm and genetically engineer to be a source of donor organs, she barely remembers her childhood. Now she travels around performing surgeries no one else has the skill for, assisted by a host of mysterious characters who might have ties to her past.

I can’t stand comics (or movies) which sound pro-woman, but which use the plot as a flimsy excuse to get the female characters, especially the teenage ones, stripped down to their undies or less. That is the first major failing of this book. Add to that an inability to decide if the plot is serious or humorous, not helped by the fighting nurses and the surgeries performed without any proper preparation. The kidney transplant done in a half an hour in a back alley hideout during a gun battle might be believable if the rest of the world Yoshitomi was trying to create had a science fiction feel, but since it seems to be set modern day, the surgery comes across as ludicrous. Adult and older teen readers looking for mature, intelligent suspense with a horror/scifi element to it would be better served with series like The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service or Naoki Urasawa’s Monster.

Ray, vol. 1
Akihito Yoshitomi
ISBN: 978-1-4139-0204-4
ADV Manga, 2004

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