We all know what happens to little girls in fairy tales who wander off the path: they usually end up as somebody’s lunch. When middle-schooler Dorothy follows a mysterious boy into the woods on the way to school, she finds a real live witch – not one who lives in a gingerbread house, but one who runs a magical store – and this enchantress is looking for an apprentice. Soon Dorothy is slaving away learning magic and cleaning up after Mistress Lilly and her nephew, the handsome but surly Jean. Dorothy has magical potential, but so far all she’s stirred up is trouble. When she fantasizes about putting a curse on Jean, her untapped power brings the spell to life. Meanwhile, best friend Remi wants to get in on the magical action. Can the girls survive their stint at Lilly’s shop without getting turned into toads?

Witch Class is pure fun, a magical girl story with brains and a sense of humor. Lee Ru spoofs classic girls manga and draws from Korean mythology and Western fantasy to create an eclectic array of creatures: magical fish, foul-mouthed fairies (most of Witch Class‘s mild cursing comes from these bad-tempered sprites), and a talking rabbit straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Readers won’t be too surprised to find hints of a romance between Dorothy and Jean; though Dorothy doesn’t remember it, these two have a history. The question is, do they have a future?

Witch Class Volume 1
by Lee Ru
ISBN: 9781596970816
Infinity Studios, 2005

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