Jack Pentura and Jill Boscombe’s relationship is on the rocks. Jack runs advertising for a music magazine. Jill is a curator at an art gallery. And while art and music goes well together, Jack and Jill’s jobs–and tastes–are very different. So for their third anniversary, each of them plans a surprise vacation for the other to try to revive their relationship, one to Paris to an art show, and another to London for a band performance. They argue about where to go until they reach the airport. They decide to seperate. But when the planes land, Jill finds herself in London, watching the band that Jack likes, while Jack’s in Paris, going to the art show that Jill would rather see. Jill and Jack end up caught in their respective worlds: will they be able to get back together after their adventure in Europe? Three Days in Europe is a fun, romantic adventure. It’s a light novel in graphic novel form: a perfect read for the beach. The black and white art is very square and distinctive, with bold linework. The book is meant for an older teen audience–there are some sexual themes–but it’s accessible enough to be enjoyed by newcomers to the form and people who have loved graphic novels for years.

Three Days in Europe
by Antony Johnston, Mike Hawthorne, J. Bone
ISBN: 1929998724
Oni Press, 2003

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