Mary Jane Watson has become famous in the popular imagination as Spider-Man’s girlfriend. But this book is set before Mary Jane started dating Spider-Man, when she was still in high school and Spider-Man was still that unknown superhero she sort of had a crush on, in that rockstar kind of way. In this book, Mary Jane’s dating Harry Osborn, but Harry’s dad says that he can’t take Mary Jane to the homecoming dance unless he passes his physics test! What should Harry do? Even tutoring from that geeky Peter Parker doesn’t make him understand physics, so Harry decides that he should get Mary Jane to help him cheat. But Mary Jane’s not really comfortable with that . . . and she doesn’t have anyone to talk about her problems with because her best friend Liz is uncharacteristically avoiding her. Will Mary Jane be able to do the right thing? Can she figure out what’s up with Liz? And who will be the homecoming queen? This book is a cute story about a girl in high school who has the typical problems that most high-school age girls have: friends, school, and dating. It’s a fun book with manga-like art that will resonate with teenage girls.

Mary Jane, vol. 2: Homecoming
by Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa
ISBN: 9780785117797
Marvel Comics, 2005

  • Gina Gagliano

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