Someone is after the superheroes. But it’s not the superheroes who are being killed–it’s their family and friends. When the superheroes band together to find out who’s responsible for these crimes, they discover mysteries in their own past . . . and start to question why no one has ever taken this approach to fighting against superheroes before. Identity Crisis is one of the major ‘events’ that has happened in the DC Universe in the past two years. It’s well written–it’s by a New York Times-Bestselling fiction author–it’s well drawn, and it takes the time to consider seriously the ramifications of putting on a costume and going out to fight crime. This isn’t a book for children–two of the central plot devices are rape and murder–but is a serious look at the superhero genre, which will be welcome to older teens and adults looking for something darker in the superhero vein.

Identity Crisis
by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales
ISBN: 9781401204587
DC Comics, 2006

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