When Serena Cumberland receives a mysterious invitation–addressed to her dead mother–to a dinner party on an isolated, craggy island, she doesn’t think twice about packing up her rat and heading off to see what it’s about. She quickly learns that this was a mistake.The other people invited to dinner are all scientists who had been trying to figure out teleportation when their experiments accidentally killed their first subject. The owner of the island had been a technician in the lab: he’d snatched up all the research when everyone else abandoned the project, and now he thinks he’s solved the problem. Unfortunately, his solution involves the not-always-dependable Egyptian gods, and the scientists invited to island become aware that their lives are in danger. . . . This is a great book for any teenager who likes manga and is looking to branch out into something else–or any teenager who likes mysteries and is looking for a new book. It’s a light mad science goth horror tale that’s fun to read and very accessibly written and drawn.

by Antony Johnston, Mike Norton, Leanne Buckley, J. L. Jones
ISBN: 1929998813
Oni Press, 2004

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