She’s cute, she’s sweet, she’s pink–she’s Babymouse. This every-mouse is a comic gem. Her story is the story of anyone who’s ever wished to be part of the popular crowd, who’s had to put up with a little brother, who’s had to survive (dum, dum, dum) DODGEBALL. The sister and brother team of Jennifer and Matthew Holm give readers a character who deals with real problems through friendship, imagination, and plenty of cupcakes. This is the perfect graphic novel for elementary school girls, who will love the stories–especially Babymouse’s flights of fancy–and the black, white, and pink illustrations.

Queen of the World: Volume One
Babymouse is bored. Every day is the same old thing. Where s the excitement? Why couldn t people see that she was meant to be a queen? Of course everyone already knew that the real queen was Felicia Furrypaws, the most popular girl in school. When Felicia announces that she s having a slumber party everyone wants an invitation. Babymouse will do anything to get her hands on one, but does that include ditching her best friend Wilson the Weasel? Will Babymouse triumph over Felicia? Will she ever get her locker unstuck? Will there be more cupcakes?

Our Hero: Volume Two
Could the day get any worse? Babymouse overslept and missed the school bus. Her locker ate her homework (no, really). Math class was torture. Then gym class, with the news that next week would be DODGEBALL!!! If there was one thing Babymouse was bad at, it was dodgeball. Even with Wilson helping her practice, the outcome is uncertain. Can Babymouse rise to the occasion, emerging a hero in the battle of the century?

Beach Babe: Volume Three
Summer’s here and the living is easy. Babymouse and her family are headed to the beach for a fun filled vacation. Everything should be great, assuming Babymouse survives her little brother’s carsickness, doesn’t drown learning to surf, and can find someone, anyone, to play with. But when her brother runs away, Babymouse begins to think that a good friendship might be closer than she realized.

Rock Star: Volume Four
Babymouse could hear the adoring fans, the roar of the crowd, the backup musicians—she was a rock star! Well, not really, actually last year she was last chair in the flute section of band. But this year will be different, if she can get her flute to stop making such terrible noises.

by Jennifer Holm
Random House, 2005-
Vol. 1: ISBN 0375832297
Vol. 2: ISBN 0375832300
Vol. 3: ISBN 0375832319
Vol. 4: ISBN 1417731923

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