In the second installment of La Esperança, Robert tries to protect Georges from his overly trusting nature while classmate Henri tries to protect Georges from Robert. When a shadowy organization makes a generous donation to the local orphanage, Georges’ charitable impulses may lead him into danger. He’s fascinated by Chris, a young “volunteer” who survived a childhood as bleak as Georges’. Chris claims to live for helping others, but Robert isn’t so sure. Will Georges’ faith in people be betrayed? La Esperança continues to be a touching story about how love changes us, whether it’s friendship or romance. While Georges and Robert’s relationship remains platonic, volume 2 introduces us to other Saint Grollo’s students and their first encounters with love. Romance blossoms between Erwin and a neighborhood girl, while his roommate Joshua struggles with his feelings for an older male teacher. Chigusa Kawai is sensitive to the confusion that comes with our first crushes, no matter who inspires them, and finds plenty of humor as well as romance in the tangled relationships among her cast of teens.

La Esperança, Volume 2
by Chigusa Kawai
ISBN: 9781569709320
Digital Manga, 2005

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