Love can be hopelessly confusing or perfectly simple. In these twelve vignettes by Mick Nekoi and Nanase Ohkawa, the women of CLAMP reflect on romance with the same sensitivity they bring to all their manga. Each story is brief, but you might recognize yourself in at least one.

In “Cute” (Kawaii), a girl wonders how such an overused word can take on new meaning when you hear it from someone you love. In “Different” (Chigau), a woman finds the courage to be honest with her boyfriend by trying on a traditional kimono. While a few stories follow a traditional romantic path, others seem like pages from a real woman’s diary. The art may not be CLAMP’s most impressive, but it’s definitely kawaii and fits the sentimental innocence of the stories. Short and very sweet, The One I Love should be a quick mood-lifter for any die-hard romantic.

The One I Love (Watashi No Sukinahito)
ISBN: 9781591827641
Tokyopop, 2004

  • Jennifer Webb

    Past Reviewer

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