Two cowboys walk into a bank: they’re there to rob the place. But the heist doesn’t go quite that smoothly– one of the cowboys has a fake gun, and when he’s tackled by a passerby, he has no choice but to surrender. Things go from bad to worse as another man decides that since the bank is being robbed, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t take some of the money as well.

This story becomes a veritable comedy of errors as the cowboys reveal that they are not, in fact, cowboys, but men who have been impoverished by hospital bills who decided to dress as cowboys and rob a bank because of their need for money and their love of Westerns. Scott Morse paints Spaghetti Western in brown and white, giving the book the appearance of an old film. His art resonates perfectly with the atmosphere of the story. This title is another book that makes a great introduction to the format, as Scott Morse does his typical ‘changing the boundaries of the graphic novel’ thing, where he makes every page into a panel. No, it doesn’t necessarily strike a chord with people on any kind of deeper level than ‘this is fun!’ so it’s probably not a necessary purchase for libraries (but still, fun!).

Spaghetti Western
by Scott Morse
ISBN: 9781929998913
Oni Press, 2004

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