For Young Ho Han, junior year at Suh Kang University looks to be a nice vacation after a year of military service, especially since for the first time ever he’ll be living in his very own apartment! Yes, a bachelor’s life is great – plenty of space, no need to clean up after yourself, plenty of dried ramen noodles, and no worries or responsibilities. That’s until a cute freshman girl collapses on Young Ho’s doorstep with a high fever, no money, and no place to go. Yu Mi Yu is a poor farmer’s daughter who came to Seoul for school and managed to lose a year’s worth of rent money and all her belongings on the first day. Young Ho takes her in for a night, and soon finds himself caught on the horns of a dilemma – send Yu Mi back home is disgrace, or let her move into his apartment as an unofficial housemate? You Mi will do almost anything to stay in the city, but Young Ho’s not so sure it’s a good idea for a girl to live in close proximity to teenage boys who have very little self-control… himself included!

This Korean story is as cute as its characters, illustrating the pitfalls of college social life and apartment hunting, which are apparently common to all students no matter what country they’re living in. Some gentle sexual tension and toilet humor actually add to the story’s believability – this story is best read by highschoolers and up, who can sympathize with Young Ho’s predicament, and who are looking forward to college life themselves.

Couple Volume 1
By Jae Sung Park
ISBN: 1586649515
Central Park Media, 2004

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