Dwight makes a living taking photographs, and not always of the most savory people doing the most savory things. But even if the photographs aren’t clean at least the work is honest and Dwight’s trying to make it by living straight. That’s not so easy when Ava reenters his life. She was the one that got away and now she’s back asking for his help, pleading for him to save her life. She’s the one woman he could never say no to, and even though he knows it’s a bad idea he says yes and (predictably) winds up finding himself framed for murder. She’s devious, and he’s not as bright as he should be, and in the end when his butt needs saving it’s the women of Old Town who come to his rescue, guns blazing.

Sin City, vol. 2: A Dame to Kill For
ISBN 9781593072940
By Frank Miller
Art by Frank Miller
Dark Horse 2010 (3rd edition–Sept. 2010)

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