In Bindings, Tim traveled beyond the confines of the ordinary world. In Summonings, characters and beings from other realms intrude on Tim’s world with a vengeance. The king of the fairies, a woman who had a child with a somewhat fallen angel, and a sympathetic succubus named Leah are just a few of Tim’s unexpected visitors. What’s more, Tim discovers that imagination can be a dangerous thing when you have unheard-of magical powers. Summonings introduces one of the series’ most compelling characters: Molly, long-time friend and potential girlfriend of Tim. It also introduces another Tim–someone Tim might become if he makes the wrong choices about his power. This future Tim, his mind twisted by a deal with a demon, would like to make sure that his future comes true. Since he’s the world’s most powerful magician, who’s to stop him? Summonings may confuse readers at first with its multitude of new characters, but the series regains its footing when it focuses on Tim and Molly’s growing relationship.

The Books of Magic, vol. 2: Summonings
Written by John Ney Rieber
Art by Peter Gross, Peter Snejbjerg, Gary Amaro, Dick Giordano
ISBN:  9781563892653
DC Comics/Vertigo, 1996

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