Reeling from the revelations of the the initial volume, Tim Hunter is finding it hard to cope; on top of his normal adolescent angst, he has to contend with his magical destiny as well as doubts about who his real parents are. His quest for answers leads him back to fairyland, and into a host of new dangers. A visit with Death, the sympathetic and frank figure from Sandman, helps Tim see that finding himself is more important than unravelling the past. John Ney Rieber handles Gaiman’s characters well, and Gary Amaro and Peter Gross create one of the more artistically cohesive volumes of the series. Bindings introduces characters and storylines that will appear throughout The Books of Magic, and features Tim’s first attempts to use his powers. Jane Yolen provides an inspiring introduction.

The Books of Magic, vol. 1: Bindings
Written by John Ney Rieber
Art by Gary Amaro, Peter Gross
ISBN: 9781563891878
DC Comics/Vertigo, 1995

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