Marvel loves its crossovers. Whether you love them or not tends to depend on whether you have any connection to the universes they are combining. This is one of the more successful crossovers, at least for me, because I like both the X-Men and Spiderman with a little bit of Daredevil thrown in at the end. After his disappearance at the end of Ultimate X-Men, vol. 6: Return of the King, Wolverine surfaces again in New York, being chased by an unidentified group with lots of guns and no compunctions about using them. Which is, clearly, where Spiderman enters the picture. Peter Parker returns home from a long night fighting crime and worrying about the PSATs to find an almost dead Wolverine curled in the corner of his basement smelling like wet dog. There follows a chase around New York through Hell’s Kitchen, where Daredevil is less than amused by their presence, until eventually the X-Men catch a clue and intervene. Millar also continues the Dark Phoenix story line with Jean getting scarier in her abilities and her morals about using them. David Finch’s art is excellent as always with a rich and vibrant use of color.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 7: Blockbuster
ISBN: 9780785112198
By Mark Millar
Art by David Finch
Marvel Comics 2004

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