This is the third volume of the Ultimate X-Men series and despite the stunning portrait of Wolverine on the cover the real focus of this story arc is Professor Xavier. We begin to see the long term impact of the Professor’s decision to not kill Magneto instead installing a memory block, while allowing the world to think that he is dead. Colossus has returned to Russia because of his disagreement with the Professor on this issue, and the beginnings of fractures in the X-Men can be seen. This story’s main focus is around the Professor’s heretofore unknown son, Proteus, who has escaped from Muir Island where he was being held. The X-Men have to scramble to fight Proteus who (understandably) has something of a grudge against the father who abandoned him. The insight into the Professor’s past makes him a more complex character, and perhaps a less likeable one. He is not infallible, and his decisions can have disastrous consequences which affect more than just himself. The final issue in the volume is an unconnected story in which we get to meet Gambit, seen here as a street hustler who uses his powers to save a little girl. The art work is, as always, superb. The characters are clearly superheroes (skimpy form fitting costumes and all), but their expressions and reactions are very human. Kubert and Bachalo’s artwork helps make the X-Men seem less fantastic and more accessible.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 3: World Tour
ISBN: 9780785109617
by Mark Millar
Art by Chuck Austen and Essad Ribic
Marvel Comics 2002

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