Sometime in the early years of the 20th century inventor Sinclair Strong and his wife Susan land on the island of Attabar Teru. The Strongs have come to the island to bring up their son Tomas as the perfect human in accordance with Sinclair’s peculiar scientific vision. Raised in a high-gravity chamber on a special diet of Attabar Teru roots and herbs, Tom grows up muscular, intelligent, and resilient. A tragedy early in the story propels young Tom away from his island home and friends into the outside world, accompanied by his robotic butler Pneuman and his sidekick King Solomon–a talking ape of extraordinary intelligence. Tom quickly makes a name for himself as a superhero in the big cities of 1920s America where new technology gleams, and skyscrapers stretch ever higher. Our hero returns to Attabar Teru as a man grown to marry his childhood friend Dhalua and to raise their daughter Tesla. Now the Strongs fight crime and supervillains as a family, dividing their time between Millennium City and the beaches of Attabar Teru. Unfortunately for Tom, old enemies are no farther away than the click of a time-machine’s button or the quick fingers of a computer hacker and a superhero’s work is never done.

Tom Strong Book 1
ISBN: 9781563896644
by Alan Moore, Chris Sprouse, Alan Gordon, Arthur Adams, Gary Frank, Dave Gibbons, Jerry Ordway
America’s Best Comics, 2000

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