Is Yukari finally in control of her life, or is her life just out of control? The question haunts Yukari even as she discovers a new sense of self-worth in her first modeling job. While Paradise Kiss has become a substitute family for Yukari, she’s understandably devastated by her break with her mother. Since she feels she can’t return home, Yukari moves in with George and their relationship becomes intimate. Physical closeness doesn’t always translate into emotional closeness, however, and Yukari gets little support from George in her new life. George wants Yukari to be independent, and he interprets her uncertainty as weakness. Meanwhile, her friends are worried; is it right for Yukari to give up on her family, her education–her entire safety net? Volume 3 pulls no punches, showing both the joy and the loss Yukari feels when she runs away from home. The comic never glosses over the issues its heroine faces, even as it paints a glamorous picture of the fashionable and fabulous. While this installment of Paradise Kiss is the most explicit, it’s also the most realistic; in the end, Yukari makes a decision that’s both responsible and true to her dreams.

Paradise Kiss Volume 3
ISBN: 1591820537
by Ai Yazawa
Tokyopop, 2002

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